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Doreen Capital Management Limited (DCML), previously known as Nur-E-Alam Siddique & Company Limited, is one of the pioneer members of the Dhaka Stock Exchange with its roots dating back to 1977. Since the foundation of the Dhaka Stock Exchange by our Founder Chairman, Mr. Nur-E-Alam Siddique has played a vital role in the market and created Doreen Capital to be a prominent Stock Broker and Dealer organization in Bangladesh. We have amassed ample experience and adapted to structural changes through the continuous development of human resources, efficiency in operations, proactive customer service, strong compliance practice, and high ethical standards. We firmly believe that developing a healthy capital market is imperative for achieving accelerated economic growth and distributing national and corporate earnings to the general people.


As a prominent Stock Broker & Dealer firm, we have taken the initiative to provide our brokerage services to the general public and institutional investors, which is considered the most significant and specialized service to ensure greater participation of the common people and thereby a stakeholder, in contribution to society and the economy.

We strive to ensure that our reach is broad and our work is carried out inclusively. We proceed one step at a time to widen our reach and enhance our investment strategies and capabilities. The principles of co-operation and information-sharing remain as strong and imperative today, as they did during the foundation of Doreen.


  • By utilizing our smart technologies, we can create literate investors in the market, enabling them to make informed decisions and build a successful portfolio.
  • By educating investors on the basics of investing, we can help enhance their investment knowledge, leading to better decision-making and a healthier market.
  • Removing all types of barriers for investors and providing our technology to empower stakeholders, we are ensuring that everyone has the freedom to invest
  • Making ourselves the best service provider in the Capital & Investment sector in Bangladesh
  • Profitability of our clients even in the harshest of times is the primary concern.
  • Serving the Capital market not only for our interest of us but for the nation as a whole.


Creating a capital market that is strong, transparent, and innovative enough to match the world’s leading capital markets is essential for the nation to remain globally competitive.